Inspiring Anecdotes SANT VAANI>



LORD RAMA SAYS: ‘Only a man of pure soul can find me; I have an aversion to duplicity, wiles and censoriousness.’


Once Sri Rangachari, a known Telugu scholar of ‘Woories College Of Vellore’ expressed to Raman Mharishi his desire to know about Karma Yoga. Maharishi gave no answer. After some time, Raman Maharishi went to a hill for a walk. He waas accompanied by Shri Rangachari and a few others. A thorny branch of a tree was lying on the way. Maharishi picked it up, sat on the ground and started smoothing it.


The thorns were cut away; the knots were scrapped and the entire stick was made smooth by rubbing with a rough leaf. The whole operation took around six hours. Everybody was surprised to see a beautiful stick come out of a thorny branch. As they moved ahead, they met a shepherd boy who was troubled because he had lost his stick. Maharishi gave the stick to the boy and moved on.


The Telugu scholar said “This is the appropriate answer to my question.”


Let the readers guess how the scholar got his answer. “To help those whom we are attached to is selfishness. To help those, for whom we have no attachment, is called

‘NISHKAAMA KARMAYOGA’ or “action without desire of fruits.” It  is neither action without a purpose nor action with a selfish motive; nor is it escaping from action or remaining totally engaged in action or seeking any return from the action!


Contemplate Lord Narayana, Who is free from attachment, and start reposing in HIM.

Start contemplating again and then repose. Incantation of AUM (short of AhuraMazda also) in a protracted tone too is a supreme act of righteousness. Meditation, reading scriptures and inspiring others to propagate culture is ‘DIRECT KARMA YOGA’.

Blessed are those who are ngaged in the service of ‘Rishi Prasad’ ! Blessed are the ones who spread hthe noble thoughts and goodwill and distribute spiritual literature in the society ! Just as the cowherd boy got the support of the stick, so also in the world, one gets the support of the noble thoughts. This selfless action, the stick of knowledge, stands one in good stead in this world and in the other. AUM— Salutations to the Supreme Soul N Peace! O Selfishness! O Deceit, fraud, falsehood, trickery! To hell with you. Where is the need for desires in the guileless Lord Narayana, (Daadaar Ahuramazda), the Existence Absolute, Knowledge Absolute, The Witness Absolute?…..Where is the deceit, fraud and trickery? Aum …..aum…. aum


Lord Rama says; “only a man of pure soul can find me; I have an aversion to duplicity, wiles and censoriousness.’


RAMACHARITA MANUS (5.43.3) ………..Selfishness alone is the breeding ground for deceit, fraud and trickery. Where there is a lofty aim in life there is no place for double standard and desires! Let your lofty Self, Your Brahmic Nature be revealed. MAKE NO DELAY



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