Bedroom sex

As romance between couples goes for a toss because of the idiot box, many couples banish it from their bedrooms

Even as temperatures soar outside the window, couples find it difficult to maintain the heat in their bedrooms. With long working hours, couples get very little time to share intimate moments with each other.

And even within those few hours, there’s a villain who interrupts the togetherness between two people. The television set or the idiot box has become a bane for newly married couples.

DISTRACTED: Instead of spending time with their partners after work, many couples waste time watching television.

With one partner in the relationship constantly glued to the television set, intimacy among newly weds has gone for a toss.

To rekindle the proximity in their relationship, many couples are now banishing the idiot box from their bedrooms.

Interior designer Soniya Poddar said many of her clients were specifically asking her to design their bedrooms minus the TV.

"The television has come between the closeness among couples. Instead of spending time with their partner after work, many people waste time watching television," said Poddar.


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