News Headlines in 2025
[Very Funny]

President Sonia Gandhi and Prime Minister Rahul Gandhi receive Italian Prime Minister Priyanka Gandhi.
Fight in Parliament to grab the next seat beside newly elected MPs Mallika Sheravat, Sherlyn Chopra and Rakhi Sawant.
Mayawati all set to install her 10,000 statue in UP Assembly.
Jayalalitha and Karunanidhi signed a 100 years deal to rotate power in Tamil Nadu every 2 years.
Raj Thackrey and his supporters fighting for a separate state for Marathi manoos. All set to form 76th Indian state.

Dhoom-17 ready for release.
Salman, Vivek and Abhishek attend Aishwarya’s 3rd marriage.
Mein to ab bhi jawan hoon – Dev Anand’s new movie set for release where he plays son of Aamir Khan & Madhuri Dixit.
After remakes of 45 films of Amitabh, Shahrukh now to play Amitabh’s role in remake of ‘Paa’ .
Amitabh’s new movie with Shahrukh Khan’s daughter ‘Ek aur Nishabdh’.
Kyunki saas bhi kabhi bahu thi completed 2,50,000 episodes & Baa has completed 111 yrs.
A cap found in Mithi river – Sources say it belonged to a species called Himesh Reshammiya.

I will play next world cup – Sachin Tendulkar
Lalit Modi to inagurate IPL Season-20 next week.
Jayasuriya celebrated his 56th birthday with a century against Australia in a T20 match.
Coach Ganguly resigns, as India went out of The World Cup in 1st round after losing to South Korea.
Navjot Siddhu will launch his own TV channel where he is the Host & the Guest too.

Maruti launches its new Hovercraft ‘SX-25’. Toyota to follow.
Hyundai launches its new car i420.
TRAI to add another 2 digits to mobile numbers. New numbers would soon have 20 digits.
Intel launched its latest processor Intel Core10 Trio.

Petrol Rs. 900 / ltr.
Gold touched all time high 1,00,000 mark per 10 grams.
Temperature set to touch 60°C mark in summer this year.
Govt subsidized vegetables by 50%. Subsidized onion to cost Rs.200 per kg.
Textile industry incurred loses of Rs.1,000 crores. Ministry blames bollywood actress.


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