The Day Santa Cried

The Day Santa Cried

This is a short story in the school magazine given to my granddaughter
As soon as I read this story I decided to publish it on my wall on facebook to share with you

“Santa Claus is here!” the children’s thunderous roar almost deafened Bob who was dressed as Santa.
As the children stood over the presents they were going to receive, Bob sauntered into the party room, adding to the excitement. “Ho Ho Ho! Merry Christmas, Happy New Year” he went around greeting the children and handing out presents from his Red Sack. Every New Year’s Eve, the club held a party for the poor children of the area. Bob loved to volunteer and being fat made an excellent Santa for the annual party each year. He felt happy when the children cheered joyfully upon receiving his gifts.
Searching in his red sack, he realised he still had one gift left. “Is there anyone who has not received a gift yet?” he shouted.
“It’s Ajay” the children answered. “He’s come to live in the neighbourhood just six months ago”
Bob went around to where children pointed and found Ajay in a corner trying to complete pushing a very big stocking.
“Ajay is a greedy child!” thought Bob. “Why does he need such a big stocking?”
“ So Ajay why such a big stocking?” asked Bob.
“Santa please can you put my daddy and mummy in it? They have gone to heaven near angels and are not able to come back to me.” Bob felt tears run down his cheeks. This was one gift he could not give to Ajay to help him start a happy new year, happily.


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