The cost of a Miracle

The cost of a Miracle

The Cost Of A Miracle
A little boy went to his bedroom and pulled a glass jelly jar from its hiding place. He poured the change out on the floor and counted it carefully. Then placing them in his small bag he slipped out of the back door and made his way to the medical store nearby.
“What do you want?” the chemist asked. The boy said, “Well, My mother is ill and my dad says that she will die if an operation is not done. But we have no money for the operation and dad says only miracle can save her. So How Much Does A Miracle Cost.”
The Chemist replied softly, “My dear child I’m sorry but my shop cannot sell you a miracle.” The little boy said, “Listen I have money to pay for it. If it is not enough, I will get more for you, by working hard through the day and night. But I just want my mother to live.”
Hearing the talk, the gentleman who was talking to the Chemist Brother asked the little boy, “What kind of miracle does your mother need?”
“I don’t know” said the little boy.
“But I have Rs 900 with me” said the boy.
“Well what a coincidence” smiled the man. “The exact price for a miracle for your mother.”
The boy smiled and happily took the man to his little house. This well dressed man was actually a well known brain surgeon. On going to the little boy’s house he realizes that the boy’s mother had a tumour in the brain which had to be operated. He immediately arranged for the mother to be taken to the hospital and performed the surgery on her free of cost. The mother recovered and came home soon. The next day his mother and father were happily talking about the miracle and thanking God for it. Their son smiled. He never exactly knew how much the miracle cost…. Rupees 900 and the Faith he had in God.
What can you learn?

The little boy’s innocence, his love for his mother and his faith that a miracle can cure her, put everything together. So always believe in God’s kindness and have faith in Him. Remember, God always gives his best to all those who leave the choice with HIM.


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